We’re a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

We’re a group of people that have been taking care of our elderly loved ones for years. We’ve struggled quite a bit over the years finding resources and support to help set us up for success as a caretaker. We don’t want others to struggle, so being the compassionate community we are, we’re offering our information free of charge to people needing support.

But offering free support to others does not come free of charge to us. We need donations for:

  • Marketing expenses, getting the word out
  • Administrative costs
  • Office supplies
  • Event expenses
  • Caregiver support expenses
  • Community education
  • Caregiver training expenses

Prefer to pay by cash or check? Send payments to:

Loving Them Forward

PO Box 822231

Vancouver, WA 98682

Please contact us at lovingthemforward@gmail.com or 360-524-3051 for questions or concerns.


Our mission is to make sure any and all family caregivers or seniors we work with or meet in Clark County have a way to find the resources they need in the Vancouver, Washington area. We are doing that through the Loving Them Forward network, community education, resource fairs, events and marketing.

“This is such an incredible resource for seniors and their caregivers. LTF is fantastic to work with and offers so much valuable info, I highly recommend even just one phone call to them if you are a senior or caregiver looking for resources.”


“This is a phenomenal community group designed to help family caregivers find resources for loved ones!”


“I am so grateful to Christina for giving me invaluable resources to help me be a better caregiver to my parents.”


“An incredible group of caring individuals and resources for seniors and caregivers in our community. They are able to provide a path for those who are struggling to find what will meet their specific needs.”


“Absolutely adore the estate planner that the team at Loving Them Forward introduced me to. I have all the documents we need to protect my Dad’s interests.”


“Was in quite a jam when I had to be in 2 locations at once. LTF found us a caregiver to come over and take care of Mom while I was out.”


“This is a phenomenal community group designed to help family caregivers find resources for loved ones!”



We’re a community of people that have been taking care of family members and seniors through life transitions personally and professionally.


The sole purpose of Loving Them Forward is to give caregivers a selection of referrals for services needed in the long-term care of their family or friend.


Please join us for any one of our caregiver/resource-related events in the area. And invite your friends, the more the merrier!


Currently we are accepting donations to help with admin costs, marketing expenses, event expenses and caregiver support expenses.